Creating a Distribution Provisioning Profile

  • After logging in to the iOS Provisioning Portal, click Provisioning in the sidebar and click the Distribution tab.

  • Click New Profile.

  • Select the distribution method and enter a profile name.

  • Confirm that your team’s distribution certificate is displayed.

  • Choose the app ID for the app you want to distribute.

  • For ad hoc distribution only, select up to 100 devices you want to be able to run the app.

  • Click Submit.

  • To distribute an app, your team must have a distribution provisioning profile you create using the iOS Provisioning Portal.


    Only team agents and admins can create a distribution provisioning profile (this is different from a development provisioning profile). The distribution provisioning profile consists of a name, a distribution certificate, and an app ID. A profile is valid for one year.

    Apps can be distributed either through the App Store, ad hoc distribution, or in-house distribution. For ad hoc distribution, the distribution provisioning profile also includes a list of devices that can run the app.

    If you, the team admin, recently enabled an app ID for Apple Push Notification Service, create a new provisioning profile containing that app ID. Provisioning profiles created before an app ID was enabled for APNS do not work for testing APNS.