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Inside Macintosh: QuickDraw GX Environment and Utilities /
Chapter 3 - Errors, Warnings, and Notices

Summary of Errors, Warnings, and Notices

Constants and Data Types

QuickDraw GX Errors

typedef long gxGraphicsError

QuickDraw GX Warnings

typedef long gxGraphicsWarning

QuickDraw GX Notices

typedef long gxGraphicsNotice

Application-Defined Handlers

typedef void 		(*gxUserErrorProcPtr)(gxGraphicsError status, 
			long refcon)
typedef gxUserErrorProcPtr gxUserErrorFunction;
typedef void 		(*gxUserWarningProcPtr)(gxGraphicsWarning 
			status,long refcon)
typedef gxUserWarningProcPtr gxUserWarningFunction;
typedef void 		(*gxUserNoticeProcPtr)(gxGraphicsNotice status, 
			long refcon)
typedef gxUserNoticeProcPtr gxUserNoticeFunction;


Error Posting and Handling

gxGraphicsError GXGetGraphicsError
				(gxGraphicsError *stickyError);
void GXPostGraphicsError	(gxGraphicsError error);
void GXSetUserGraphicsError	(gxUserErrorFunction userFunction, 
				long reference);
gxUserErrorFunction GXGetUserGraphicsError
				(long *reference);

Warning Posting and Handling

gxGraphicsWarning GXGetGraphicsWarning
			(gxGraphicsWarning *stickyWarning);
void GXPostGraphicsWarning	(gxGraphicsWarning warning);
void GXSetUserGraphicsWarning
			(gxUserWarningFunction userFunction,
			long reference);
			gxUserWarningFunction GXGetUserGraphicsWarning
			(long *reference);
void GXIgnoreGraphicsWarning 
			(gxGraphicsWarning warning);
void GXPopGraphicsWarning	(void);

Notice Posting and Handling

gxGraphicsNotice GXGetGraphicsNotice
				(gxGraphicsNotice *stickyNotice);
void GXPostGraphicsNotice	(gxGraphicsNotice notice);
void GXSetUserGraphicsNotice 
			(gxUserNoticeFunction userFunction, 
			long reference);
gxUserNoticeFunction GXGetUserGraphicsNotice
			(long *reference);
void GXIgnoreGraphicsNotice
			(gxGraphicsNotice notice);
void GXPopGraphicsNotice	(void);

Application-Defined Functions

void MyUserGraphicsError	(gxGraphicsError error, long reference);
void MyUserGraphicsWarning	(gxGraphicsWarning warning, long reference);
void MyUserGraphicsNotice	(gxGraphicsNotice notice, long reference);

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