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Inside Macintosh: QuickDraw GX Environment and Utilities



'cltn' resource type
'gasz' resource type [1]


AddCollectionItem function
AddCollectionItemHdl function
all object validation
analyzing data streams [1]
application heap [1]
attribute bit masks
    for collection objects
attribute bit numbers
    for collection objects
attribute masks [1] [2]
attributes of collection objects [1] [2]


bad parameter errors
bad reference errors
bias (in fixed-point numbers) [1] [2]
bit analysis [1] [2] [3]
bit-shifting of wide numbers


cache validation errors
cache. See QuickDraw GX cache
Cartesian and polar coordinates [1]
CloneCollection function
collection attributes
collection ID [1] [2]
collection index
collection items
    adding to collection objects [1] [2]
    attributes of
    collection index of
    determining collection index of
    determining size of variable-length data
    determining the collection tag and ID of
    editing attributes of
    getting attributes of
    properties of
    retrieving data from
    setting attributes of
    tag list position of
Collection Manager
    data types for [1]
    functions in [1]
    resources for
    testing for availability
collection objects
    adding items to [1] [2]
    allocate memory for and dispose of global data
    allocating memory for
    application-defined exception procedure
    application-defined flattening function
    attribute bit masks for
    attribute bit numbers for
    attribute masks for [1] [2]
    counting items in
    default attributes of
    determining owner count of
    disposing of [1] [2]
    examining collection tags of
    exception procedures for [1] [2]
    NewCollection function
    properties of
    reading from disk
    reading from resource files
    removing items from
    replacing items in
    writing to disk
collection resources [1] [2] [3] [4]
collection tags [1] [2]
CollectionTagExists function
ColorToFract macro
complete message override
compression type opcode
concatenation of mappings [1] [2]
coordinates and coordinate spaces
    converting from QuickDraw [1]
CopyCollection function
CopyToMapping function
CountCollectionItems function
CountCollectionOwners function
CountCollectionTags function
CountTaggedCollectionItems function
creating a picture with seven shapes [1]
    obtaining location of, in global coordinates [1] [2]
    obtaining location of, in local coordinates [1] [2]


data stream format [1]
    See also stream format
data streams
dead caches
    disposing of
debugging [1]
    corrupted objects
    shapes [1]
    utility [1]
    validation functions [1]
    version of QuickDraw GX  [1]
    with GraphicsBug
debugging version [1]
default attributes
    of collection objects
DisposeCollection function

DisposeMessageGlobals function
    analyzing problems [1]
    intercepting with a view port filter [1]
drawing errors [1] [2]
    function [1]
    sequence [1]
    shape type
    view device
    view port


EmptyCollection function
error handler
    application-defined function
    installing [1]
error handlers [1]
error number summary
errors [1] [2]
    application-defined handler for
    bad parameter
    bad reference
    cache validation
    constants and data types for [1]
    drawing [1] [2] [3]
    font management
    font scaler
    functions for [1]
    handler for
    implementation limit
    ink drawing
    number summary
    responding from application
    restricted access [1] [2]
    style drawing
    transform drawing
    view device drawing
    view port drawing
    wrong type
errors, warnings, and notices [1]
    application-defined functions for [1]
    changing [1]
    constants and data types for
    functions for [1]
    number ranges for
    responding from application
exception procedures [1] [2] [3]


fatal errors
ff macro
filter functions for view ports [1]
FirstBit function
Fixed number format
fixed-point numbers
    conversions of
    formats of [1] [2]
    operations on [1] [2]
FixedDivide function
FixedMultiply function
FixedRound macro
FixedSquareRoot macro
FixedToFloat macro
FixedToFract macro
FixedToInt macro
FixedTruncate macro
fl macro
FlattenCollection function
FlattenCollectionToHdl function
flattening [1] [2]
FlattenPartialCollection function
floating-point numbers
    conversions of
    formats of
FloatToFixed macro
FloatToFract macro
font manager errors
font scaler errors
font scaler warnings
ForwardMessage function [1] [2]
ForwardThisMessage function [1] [2]
fract number format
FractCubeRoot function
FractDivide function
FractMultiply function
FractSineCosine function
FractSquareRoot function
FractToColor macro
FractToFixed macro
FractToFloat macro


GDevice record [1]
Gestalt function for QuickDraw GX [1]
gestaltMessageMgrVersion enumeration
GetCollectionDefaultAttributes function
GetCollectionExceptionProc function
GetCollectionItem function
GetCollectionItemHdl function
GetCollectionItemInfo function
GetIndexedCollectionItem function
GetIndexedCollectionItemHdl function
GetIndexedCollectionItemInfo function
GetIndexedCollectionTag function
GetMessageHandlerClassContext function [1] [2]
GetMessageHandlerInstanceContext function [1] [2]
GetNewCollection function
GetRandomSeed function
GetTaggedCollectionItem function
GetTaggedCollectionItemInfo function
global data
    allocating and deallocating memory for [1]
    creating an A5 world for [1]
    for a single handler instance [1]
    for multiple handler instances [1]
    for printing extensions and printer drivers [1]
global space
    converting to, from QuickDraw [1]
    obtaining cursor location in [1] [2]
graphics client [1]
    changing the active
    creating [1] [2]
    disposing of [1] [2]
    functions not requiring
    functions requiring [1]
    multiple [1]
    returning the active
    starting location of [1]
graphics client heap [1]
    creating [1] [2]
    default size
    disposing of [1] [2]
    functions requiring [1]
    memory requirements for [1]
    size determination using GraphicsBug [1]
graphics devices
    and view devices [1] [2]
graphics ports
    and the QuickDraw\xADto\xADQuickDraw GX translator [1]
GraphicsBug [1] [2]
    analyzing objects with
    commands [1]
    flattening shapes with [1]
gxColorValue number format
GXConvertPICTToShape function
GXConvertQDfont function
GXConvertQDPoint function
GXDisposeGraphicsClient function [1] [2]
gxDrawErrors enumeration [1] [2]
GXDrawShape function
GXEnterGraphics function [1] [2]
GXExitGraphics function [1] [2]
GXGetGDeviceViewDevice function
GXGetGlobalMouse function
GXGetGraphicsClient function [1] [2]
GXGetGraphicsClients function [1] [2]
GXGetGraphicsError function
GXGetGraphicsNotice function
GXGetGraphicsWarning function
GXGetShapeDrawError function [1] [2]
    ink drawing errors
    style errors
    transform drawing errors
    view device drawing errors
    view port drawing errors
GXGetUserGraphicsError function
GXGetUserGraphicsNotice function
GXGetUserGraphicsWarning function
GXGetValidation function
GXGetValidationError function [1] [2]
GXGetViewDeviceGDevice function
GXGetViewPortFilter function
GXGetViewPortMouse function
GXGetViewPortWindow function
GXGetWindowViewPort function
GXIgnoreGraphicsNotice function [1] [2]
GXIgnoreGraphicsWarning function [1] [2]
GXInstallQDTranslator function
GXLoadColorProfile function
GXLoadColorSet function
GXLoadInk function
GXLoadShape function
GXLoadStyle function
GXLoadTag function
GXLoadTransform function
GXNewGraphicsClient function [1] [2]
GXNewWindowViewPort function
GXPopGraphicsNotice function
GXPopGraphicsWarning function
GXPostGraphicsError function
GXPostGraphicsNotice function
GXPostGraphicsWarning function
GXRemoveQDTranslator function
GXSetGraphicsClient function [1] [2]
GXSetUserGraphicsError function
GXSetUserGraphicsNotice function [1] [2]
GXSetUserGraphicsWarning function
GXSetValidation function
GXSetViewPortFilter function
GXUnloadColorProfile function
GXUnloadColorSet function
GXUnloadInk function
GXUnloadShape function
GXUnloadStyle function
GXUnloadTag function
GXUnloadTransform function
GXValidateAll function
GXValidateColorProfile function
GXValidateColorSet function
GXValidateGraphicsClient function
GXValidateInk function
GXValidateShape function
GXValidateStyle function
GXValidateTag function
GXValidateTransform function
GXValidateViewDevice function
GXValidateViewGroup function
GXValidateViewPort function
gxValidationLevel constant [1]
gxValidationLevel constant


    error [1]
    notice [1]
    warning [1]
heap. See application heap; graphics client heap
highest order bit [1] [2] [3]

I, J, K

identity mapping [1] [2] [3]
ignoring warnings and notices
implementation limit errors
integer numbers
    conversions of
    formats of [1] [2]
interface. See Macintosh interface functions
internal errors
internal validation
IntToFixed macro
invalid data warnings
inverse of a mapping [1] [2]
InvertMapping function


linear and quadratic roots [1]
LinearRoot function
live caches
    disposing of
local space
    converting to, from QuickDraw [1]
    obtaining cursor location in [1] [2]
lock attribute
long number format


Macintosh environment
Macintosh interface functions [1]
macros for number conversion [1]
MacsBug [1]
Magnitude function
map field
MapMapping function
mappings [1]
    changing perspective with [1] [2]
    concatenating [1] [2]
    inverse of [1] [2]
    normalized [1] [2]
    postmultiplication of [1] [2]
    reflection with
    resetting to identity [1] [2]
    rotation with [1] [2]
    scaling with [1] [2]
    setting origin with [1] [2]
    skewing with [1] [2]
    translation with [1] [2]
MapPoints function
mathematical functions [1]
    . See also mathematics
    bit analysis [1] [2] [3]
    bit-shifting of wide numbers
    fixed-point operations [1]
    linear and quadratic roots [1]
    operations on wide numbers [1] [2] [3]
    polar and Cartesian coordinates [1]
    random-number generation [1]
    vector operations [1] [2]
    constants and data types for [1]
    mapping operations. See mappings
    mathematical functions. See mathematical functions
    number formats [1]
    number-conversion macros [1]
matrices. See mappings
    low [1]
memory blocks
    allocating [1] [2]
    deallocating [1] [2]
memory management [1]
    data structures for
    functions for [1]
    loading objects
    low-memory conditions, handling [1]
    unloading objects
    unloading picture shape objects
    using shape attributes
Memory Manager
message class
message handlers
    default defined
    instance of a single [1]
    instances of multiple [1]
Message Manager [1]
    application-defined functions for [1]
    constants and data types for [1]
    functions for [1]
    message sending and forwarding [1]
    message terminology [1]
message object
MessageGlobalsInitProc type
MessageGlobalsInitProc data type
    QuickDraw GX [1]
    sending and forwarding
mouse. See cursor
MoveMapping function
MoveMappingTo function
MultiplyDivide function
MyInitProc application-defined function
MyShapeSpooler application-defined function
MyUserGraphicsError application-defined function
MyUserGraphicsNotice application-defined function
MyUserGraphicsWarning application defined function
MyViewPortFilter application-defined function


NewCollection function [1] [2]
NewMessageGlobals function [1] [2]
non-debugging environment
non-debugging version [1]
normalization of mappings [1] [2]
NormalizeMapping function
notice handler
    application-defined function
notice handlers [1]
notice number summary
notices [1] [2]
    constants and data types for [1]
    functions for [1]
    ignoring [1]
    number summary
    responding from application
number formats [1]
    fixed-point [1] [2]
    integer [1] [2]
number-conversion macros [1]


    . See also collection objects
    functions for [1]
    loading and unloading [1] [2]
omit byte
omit byte mask [1]
omit byte mask and shift
    bit image [1]
    bitmap shape [1]
    cap style [1]
    colors [1]
    dash style
    face layer [1]
    glyph shape [1]
    join style [1]
    layout shape [1]
    path shape
    pattern style
    picture parameters
    picture shape
    text face style [1]
    text shape [1]
    transfer [1]
    transfer component [1]
omit byte shifts [1] [2]
opcodes [1]
optional return value constants
    for Collection Manager functions
origin, setting with a mapping [1] [2]
overflow warnings


parameter out of range warnings
partial message override
    QuickDraw, translated to shape fill [1]
PDD. See portable digital documents
persistence attribute
perspective operations
    with a mapping [1] [2]
picComment. See picture comments
PICT data. See QuickDraw pictures
picture comments
    translating to QuickDraw GX [1]
pictures. See QuickDraw pictures
PointToPolar function
polar and Cartesian coordinates [1]
PolarToPoint function
portable digital document [1]
postmultiplication of mappings [1] [2]
print files [1]
    obtaining data from
    QuickDraw picture data in
    with QuickDraw GX [1]
    with the Macintosh Printing Manager
programming environment
    and Gestalt [1]
public validation
PurgeCollection function
PurgeCollectionTag function


quadratic and linear roots [1]
QuadraticRoot function
    converting coordinates from [1]
QuickDraw GX
    debugging version [1] [2]
    determining version and attributes of [1]
    non-debugging version [1] [2] [3]
QuickDraw GX cache
    disposing of [1]
QuickDraw pictures
    translating to QuickDraw GX [1]
QuickDraw\xADto\xADQuickDraw GX translator [1]
    application-defined function for [1] [2]
    functions using [1]
    graphics port and view port relationship [1]
    installing and removing
    QuickDraw fill patterns and [1]
    QuickDraw picture comments and [1]
    scaling with [1]
    statistics for [1] [2]
    translation options [1]
      list of [1]
      use of, for drawing lines [1]
    using, to intercept drawing calls [1]
    using, to translate QuickDraw picture data [1]


random-number generation [1]
RandomBits function
recoverable errors
reflection transformations
RemoveCollectionItem function
RemoveIndexedCollectionItem function
ReplaceIndexedCollectionItem function
ReplaceIndexedCollectionItemHdl function
ResetMapping function
resource types
    'cltn' [1] [2] [3]
    'gasz' [1] [2]
resource types 'gasz' [1]
restricted access errors
result out of range warnings
RotateMapping function
rotation operations
    with a mapping [1] [2]


ScaleMapping function
scaling operations
    with a mapping [1] [2]
    with the QuickDraw\xADto\xADQuickDraw GX translator [1]
SendMessage function [1] [2]
SetCollectionDefaultAttributes function
SetCollectionExceptionProc function
SetCollectionItemInfo function
SetIndexedCollectionItemInfo function
SetMessageHandlerClassContext function [1] [2]
SetMessageHandlerInstanceContext function [1] [2]
SetRandomSeed function
shape-spooling callback function for translator [1]
short number format
skewing operations
    with a mapping [1] [2]
SkewMapping function
specific object validation
storage warnings
stream data types [1]
stream format [1]
    analyzing a flattened bitmap shape
    analyzing a flattened curve shape [1]
    analyzing a flattened line shape [1]
    analyzing a flattened path shape [1]
    analyzing a flattened polygon shape [1]
    analyzing a flattened rectangle shape [1]
    analyzing a flattened text shape [1]
    data type opcode byte [1]
    header [1]
    omit byte
    operation opcode byte [1]
    print files [1]
stream format opcodes
    bit image compression
    data type
    ink data
    modified color profile data
    modified color set data
    modified shape data
    modified style data
    modified transform data
structure validation


tag list position
threads package
translation operations
    with a mapping [1] [2]
translator. See QuickDraw\xADto\xADQuickDraw GX translator
type validation


underflow warnings
unexpected result warnings
UnflattenCollection function
UnflattenCollectionFromHdl function
user attributes
    of collection objects
    GraphicsBug [1]
    MacsBug [1]


    all object [1] [2]
    controlling [1]
    distinguishing public and internal errors [1]
    error analysis
    functions [1]
    internal [1] [2]
    internal cache [1]
    level [1]
    public [1] [2]
    specific object [1] [2]
    structure [1] [2]
    type [1]
validation errors
validation functions [1] [2]
variable-length data
    determining size of
    of collection objects
    retrieving from a collection item [1] [2]
vector operations [1] [2]
VectorMultiply function
VectorMultiplyDivide function
    debugging [1]
    non-debugging [1]
version number of Message Manager
version numbers of QuickDraw GX [1]
view device objects
    and graphics devices [1] [2]
view port objects
    and windows [1]
    installing a drawing filter in [1]

W, X, Y, Z

warning handler
    application-defined function
warning handlers [1]
warning number summary
warnings [1] [2]
    constants and data types for [1]
    font scaler
    functions for [1]
    ignoring [1]
    invalid data
    number summary
    parameter out of range
    result  out of range
    unexpected result
wide number format
    assigning values to [1]
    operations on [1] [2] [3]
WideAdd function
WideCompare function
WideDivide function
WideMultiply function
WideNegate function
WideScale function
WideShift function
WideSquareRoot function
WideSubtract function
WideWideDivide function
    and view ports [1]
wrong type errors

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