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Inside Macintosh: QuickDraw GX Environment and Utilities /
Chapter 4 - QuickDraw GX Debugging / QuickDraw GX Debugging Reference
Functions / Obtaining Drawing Errors


You can use the GXGetShapeDrawError function to determine why a shape failed to draw.

gxDrawError GXGetShapeDrawError(gxShape source);
A reference to the shape that didn't draw.
function result
An error result code indicating why a shape didn't draw.
The GXGetShapeDrawError function returns a single error code that indicates why a shape didn't draw. The error returneddepends on the step in the drawing process in which the drawing error occurred. QuickDraw GX returns the first drawing error it detects in the drawing process. A drawing error that may occur later in the drawing process is not returned until all prior drawing errors detected are resolved.

If you run your application and it does not draw what you expect, you can add the GXGetShapeDrawError function to the end of your application code and rerun your application. QuickDraw GX returns a single error from the gxDrawErrors enumeration that may assist in determining the drawing problem. If a drawing error is not detected, QuickDraw GX returns a gxNoDrawError error.

The use of the GXGetShapeDrawError is discussed in the section "Analyzing Drawing Problems" beginning on page 4-8.

The gxDrawError enumeration is described in the section "Drawing Errors" beginning on page 4-29.

Table 4-2 through Table 4-7 provide a description of each drawing error.

Table 4-1 gives the object processing sequence that determines which drawing error is posted.

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