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Inside Macintosh: QuickDraw GX Environment and Utilities /
Chapter 5 - Collection Manager / About the Collection Manager

Collection Items

A collection is composed of collection items. Figure 5-2 shows the general structure of a collection item and also shows a sample collection item. Note that, because a collection item is always part of a collection object, you always access the information in a collection item using Collection Manager functions. Therefore, the order of the properties shown in Figure 5-2 is completely arbitrary.

Figure 5-2 The collection item

As Figure 5-2 shows, each collection item contains these properties:

The Collection Manager uses a collection item's collection tag and collection ID to uniquely identify the item. As an example, in any collection there can be exactly one item with a collection tag of 'tagA' and a collection ID of 10.

When you want to retrieve the data stored in an item, you can specify the item by providing a Collection Manager function with the item's collection tag and collection ID. You can also specify a collection item using one of the other methods provided by the Collection Manager. See "Methods of Identifying Collection Items" beginning on page 5-11 for more information.

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