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Inside Macintosh: QuickDraw GX Environment and Utilities /
Chapter 6 - Message Manager

Summary of the Message Manager

Constants and Data Types

Message Manager Gestalt Selector

#define gestaltMessageMgrVersion 'mess' /* gestalt version selector */

Message Globals Inititialization Procedure

typedef void (*MessageGlobalsInitProc) (void *messageGlobals);


Allocating Memory for and Disposing of Global Data

OSErr NewMessageGlobals (long msgGlobalsSize,
                        MessageGlobalsInitProc aProc);
OSErr DisposeMessageGlobals (void);

Setting and Getting Global Data for Multiple Handler Instances

void *SetMessageHandlerClassContext 
				(void *);
void *GetMessageHandlerClassContext 

Setting and Getting Global Data for a Single Handler Instance

void *SetMessageHandlerInstanceContext 
				(void *);
void *GetMessageHandlerInstanceContext 

Sending and Forwarding Messages

OSErr SendMessage 	(long messageSelector...);
OSErr ForwardMessage 	(long messageSelector, ...);
OSErr ForwardThisMessage (...);


Initializing Memory for Global Data

typedef void (*MessageGlobalsInitProc) (void *messageGlobals);

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