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Inside Macintosh: QuickDraw GX Environment and Utilities /
Chapter 8 - QuickDraw GX Mathematics / QuickDraw GX Mathematics Reference
Mathematical Functions / Vector Operations


You can use the VectorMultiply function to obtain the dot product of two vectors with 64-bit accuracy.

wide *VectorMultiply(long count, const long *vector1, long 
step1, const long *vector2, long step2, wide *dot);
The size of each vector.
A pointer to one of the two vectors.
The index increment for the vector1 vector.
A pointer to the second of two vectors.
The index increment for the vector2 vector.
A pointer to the destination of the result.
function result
A pointer to the dot product of the two vectors.
The VectorMultiply function calculates the wide dot product of the parameters vector1 and vector2. The size of each vector is given by the count parameter. The index increment is given by the parameters step1 and step2, respectively. The dot parameter points to the destination wide number and is returned as the function result.

Examples of how to use the VectorMultiply function are provided in the section "Performing Vector Operations" beginning on page 8-29.

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