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Chapter 3 - Help Manager / Help Manager Reference

Help Manager Routines

This section describes the routines you use to display help balloons for the windows of your application. It also describes how to determine whether help is enabled; how to get the name and size of the text font in help balloons; how to set or override the help resources used with a menu, dialog box, or window; and how to get information about the window the help balloon is displayed in.

If you want to provide help balloons for the menus, alert boxes, dialog boxes, and static windows of your application, or if you want to override default help balloons provided by system software for various interface elements (such as non-document Finder icons), you only need to create the resources containing the descriptive information. "Using the Help Manager" beginning on page 3-15 gives details on how to create these resources.

If help is not enabled, most Help Manager routines do nothing and return the hmHelpDisabled result code.

All of the Help Manager routines may move or purge memory blocks in the application heap or for some other reason should not be called from within an interrupt. Your application should not call Help Manager routines at interrupt time.

Determining Balloon Help Status
Displaying and Removing Help Balloons
Enabling and Disabling Balloon Help Assistance
Adding Items to the Help Menu
Getting and Setting the Font Name and Size
Setting and Getting Information for Help Resources
Determining the Size of a Help Balloon
Getting the Message of a Help Balloon

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