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Inside Macintosh: More Macintosh Toolbox /
Chapter 3 - Help Manager / Help Manager Reference
Help Manager Routines

Displaying and Removing Help Balloons

When the user turns on Balloon Help assistance, the Help Manager automatically tracks the cursor and displays and removes help balloons as the cursor moves over hot rectangles specified in 'hrct' resources or over display rectangles associated with menu items specified in 'hmnu' resources and items specified in 'hdlg' resources. If you want to provide help balloons for areas not defined in these resources, then your application is responsible for tracking the cursor and displaying and removing balloons for these application-defined areas.

To display a help balloon in your application-defined area, use the HMShowBalloon function. If your application uses its own menu definition procedure, use the HMShowMenuBalloon function to display a balloon described by the standard balloon definition function. To remove a balloon that you display using HMShowMenuBalloon, you must use the HMRemoveBalloon function. To remove a balloon that you display using HMShowBalloon, you can either use the HMRemoveBalloon function to remove the help balloon, or you can let the Help Manager remove it for you.


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