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Inside Macintosh: More Macintosh Toolbox /
Chapter 3 - Help Manager / Help Manager Reference
Help Manager Routines / Enabling and Disabling Balloon Help Assistance


To enable or disable Balloon Help assistance for the user, use the HMSetBalloons function.

FUNCTION HMSetBalloons (flag: Boolean): OSErr;
Specifies whether help should be enabled or disabled for all applications and the system software.
If the value of the flag parameter is TRUE, HMSetBalloons enables Balloon Help assistance. If the value of the flag parameter is FALSE, HMSetBalloons disables Balloon Help assistance. If a help balloon is showing, you must first remove it using the HMRemoveBalloon function before you use HMSetBalloons to disable Balloon Help assistance.

When Balloon Help assistance is disabled, the Help Manager does not display help balloons for any applications. When help is disabled, the HMShowBalloon and HMShowMenuBalloon functions do not display help balloons; they return nonzero result codes.

Because the setting of Balloon Help assistance should be under the user's control, you generally should not use the HMSetBalloons function.

The trap macro and routine selector for the HMSetBalloons function are
Trap macroSelector

noErr0No error
paramErr-50Error in parameter list
memFullErr-108Not enough room in heap zone
resNotFound-192Unable to read resource
The description of the HMShowBalloon function begins on page 3-93; the description of the HMShowMenuBalloon function begins on page 3-96.

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