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Inside Macintosh: More Macintosh Toolbox /
Chapter 3 - Help Manager / Help Manager Reference


This section describes the resources that the Help Manager uses to size, position, and draw help balloons for menus, alert and dialog boxes, static windows, non-document Finder icons, and several default help balloons provided by system software.

Help resources generally specify help messages, a balloon definition function, a variation code, and, when necessary, the balloon tip and either a hot rectangle or an alternate rectangle. The Help Manager uses this information as appropriate when drawing help balloons. These help resources are

This section describes the structures of these resources after they are compiled by the Rez resource compiler, available from APDA. If you are interested in creating the Rez input files for these resources, see "Using the Help Manager" beginning on page 3-15 for detailed information.

The Menu Help Resource
The Dialog-Item Help Resource
The Rectangle Help Resource
The Window Help Resource
The Finder Icon Help Resource
The Default Help Override Resource

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