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Inside Macintosh: More Macintosh Toolbox /
Chapter 6 - Component Manager / Component Manager Reference

Routines for Applications

This section discusses the Component Manager routines that are used by applications.
If you are developing an application that uses components, you should read this
section. If you are developing an application that registers components, you should also read "Registering Components" beginning on page 6-55.

If you are developing a component, you should read this section and "Routines for Components" beginning on page 6-54.

This section describes the routines that allow your application to

Any of the routines discussed in this section that require a component identifier also accept a component instance. Similarly, you can supply a component identifier to any routine that requires a component instance (except for the DelegateComponentCall function). If you do this, you must always coerce the data type appropriately.

Finding Components
Opening and Closing Components
Getting Information About Components
Retrieving Component Errors

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