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Inside Macintosh: More Macintosh Toolbox /
Chapter 6 - Component Manager / Component Manager Reference
Routines for Applications

Opening and Closing Components

The OpenDefaultComponent, OpenComponent, and CloseComponent functions allow your application to gain access to and release components. Your application must open a component before it can use the services provided by that component. Similarly, your application must close the component when it is finished using the component.

You can use the OpenDefaultComponent function to open a component of a specified component type and subtype. You do not have to supply a component description record or call the FindNextComponent function to use this function.

You use the OpenComponent function to gain access to a specified component. To use this function, your application must have previously obtained a component identifier for the desired component by using the FindNextComponent function. (If your application registers a component, it can also obtain a component identifier from the RegisterComponent or RegisterComponentResource function.)

Once you are finished using a component, use the CloseComponent function to release the component.


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