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Inside Macintosh: More Macintosh Toolbox /
Chapter 7 - Translation Manager / About the Translation Manager

Sharing Data Between Applications

Macintosh Easy Open can translate not only documents (data stored in files) but also scraps (data stored in memory) and other data. For instance, when a user copies a selection in one document and pastes the data into a document created by some other application, Macintosh Easy Open steps in, if necessary, to translate the data from its original format (as contained on the Clipboard) to the format of the target document. Because the source and target formats are known, Macintosh Easy Open doesn't need to present the translation choices dialog box (shown in Figure 7-3 on page 7-6).
Instead, Macintosh Easy Open proceeds directly with the translation. The only sign that Macintosh Easy Open is at work is the translation progress dialog box.

Data shared in editions might also need to be translated from one format to another. When a user subscribes to an edition (or updates an existing subscriber) and the data in the edition is not already in the format of the subscribing application, Macintosh Easy Open translates the data. Once again, it displays the translation progress dialog box to show the user that it's at work.

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