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Chapter 7 - Translation Manager

Using the Translation Manager

Most applications benefit from the services of Macintosh Easy Open automatically if they use the standard Macintosh system software (such as the Standard File Package, the Edition Manager, and the Scrap Manager) to open files or exchange data with other applications. If the appropriate translators are present on a particular computer, Macintosh Easy Open implicitly translates file and scrap formats into those supported by your application. To facilitate this translation, however, you should

If your application does not use the Standard File Package to allow the user to select files to open, you can use the Translation Manager to make your application compatible with Macintosh Easy Open. See "Translating Files Explicitly" on page 7-17 for details.

Checking for the Translation Manager
Declaring the File Types Your Application Can Open
Declaring Custom Kind Strings
Using File-Opening Dialog Boxes
Translating Files Explicitly

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