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Inside Macintosh: Processes
Preface - About This Book / Conventions Used in This Book

Assembly-Language Information

Inside Macintosh provides information about the registers for specific routines like this:
Registers on entry
A0Contents of register A0 on entry
Registers on exit
D0Contents of register D0 on exit

In addition, Inside Macintosh presents information about the fields of a parameter block in this format:

Parameter block
<-->inAndOutIntegerInput/output parameter.
<--output1PtrOutput parameter.
-->input1PtrInput parameter.
The arrow in the far left column indicates whether the field is an input parameter, output parameter, or both. You must supply values for all input parameters and input/output parameters. The routine returns values in output parameters and input/output parameters.

The second column shows the field name as defined in the MPW Pascal interface files; the third column indicates the Pascal data type of that field. The fourth column provides a brief description of the use of the field. For a complete description of each field, see the discussion that follows the parameter block or the description of the parameter block in the reference section of the chapter.

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