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Important: The information in this document is obsolete and should not be used for new development.

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Inside Macintosh: Processes
Preface - About This Book

Development Environment

The system software routines described in this book are available using Pascal, C, or assembly-language interfaces. How you access these routines depends on the development environment you are using. This book shows system software routines in their Pascal interface using the Macintosh Programmer's Workshop (MPW).

All code listings in this book are shown in Pascal. They show methods of using various routines and illustrate techniques for accomplishing particular tasks. All code listings have been compiled and, in most cases, tested. However, Apple Computer does not intend that you use these code samples in your application.

This book occasionally uses SurfWriter as the name of a sample application for illustrative purposes; this is not an actual product of Apple Computer, Inc.

APDA, Apple's source for developer tools, offers worldwide access to a broad range of programming products, resources, and information for anyone developing on Apple platforms. You'll find the most current versions of Apple and third-party development tools, debuggers, compilers, languages, and technical references for all Apple platforms. To establish an APDA account, obtain additional ordering information, or find out about site licensing and developer training programs, contact

Apple Computer, Inc.
20525 Mariani Avenue, M/S 33-G
Cupertino, CA 95014-6299
Telephone:800-282-2732 (United States)
800-637-0029 (Canada)
800-562-3910 (elsewhere in the world)

If you provide commercial products and services, call 408-974-4897 for information on the developer support programs available from Apple.

For information on registering signatures, file types, Apple events, and other technical information, contact

Macintosh Developer Technical Support
Apple Computer, Inc.
20525 Mariani Avenue, M/S 75-3T
Cupertino, CA 95014-6299

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