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Inside Macintosh: Imaging With QuickDraw /
Chapter 3 - QuickDraw Drawing / QuickDraw Drawing Reference

The Pattern Resource

You can use a pattern resource to define a single bit pattern. A pattern resource is a resource of type 'PAT '. All pattern resources that you create must have resource ID numbers greater than 128.

To retrieve the bit pattern stored in a pattern resource, you can use the GetPattern function, which is described on page 3-122. You can then specify that bit pattern for a fill pattern, background pattern, or pen pattern.

A pattern resource is defined to be of type hex String[8]; every bit represents a pixel in the 8-by-8 pixel pattern. If you examine the compiled version of a pattern resource, as represented in Figure 3-29, you find that it contains 8 bytes of information that define the 8-by-8 pixel square of the pattern.

Figure 3-29 Format of a compiled pattern ('PAT ') resource

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