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Inside Macintosh: Imaging With QuickDraw /
Chapter 7 - Pictures / Pictures Reference
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If you specify the recordComments constant in the verb parameter to the GetPictInfo function (described on page 7-46) or the NewPictInfo function (described on page 7-52), you receive a PictInfo record (described beginning on page 7-31) that includes in its commentHandle field a handle to an array of CommentSpec records. The uniqueComments field of the PictInfo record indicates the number of CommentSpec records in this array.

The CommentSpec record is defined as follows:

TYPE CommentSpec =   {comment specification record}
   count:   Integer; {number of times this type of comment }
                     { occurs in the picture or survey}
   ID:      Integer; {value identifying this type of comment}
Field Description
The number of times this kind of picture comment occurs in the picture specified to the GetPictInfo function or in all the pictures examined with the NewPictInfo function.
The value set in the kind parameter when the picture comment was created with the PicComment procedure. The PicComment procedure is described on page 7-39. The values of many common IDs are listed in Appendix B in this book.
When you are finished using the information returned in a CommentSpec record, you should use the DisposeHandle procedure (described in Inside Macintosh: Memory) to dispose of the memory allocated to it.

Listing 7-12 on page 7-24 illustrates how to count the number of picture comments by examining a CommentSpec record.

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