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Inside Macintosh: Imaging With QuickDraw /
Chapter 3 - QuickDraw Drawing / QuickDraw Drawing Reference

Data Structures

This section describes the Polygon record, the PenState record, the QDProcs record, and the Pattern record. Although this chapter describes routines for creating and manipulating rectangles and regions, the data structures you can use to define these entities are described in the chapter "Basic QuickDraw."

Your application typically does not create Polygon or Pattern records. Instead, you use the OpenPoly function (described on page 3-74) to create a polygon, and QuickDraw creates the necessary record. Although you can create a Pattern record in your program code, it is usually easier to create patterns using the pattern or pattern list resources, which are described beginning on page 3-136.

You need to use the QDProcs record only if you customize one or more of QuickDraw's low-level drawing routines. You can use the SetStdProcs procedure, described on page 3-125, to create a QDProcs record.

You can use a PenState record to save the location, size, pattern, and pattern mode of a graphics pen. The GetPenState procedure, described on page 3-39, automatically creates a pen state record. You can use the SetPenState procedure, described on page 3-39, to restore the values stored in a PenState record to the current graphics pen.

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