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Inside Macintosh:

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Important: Inside Macintosh: Sound is deprecated as of Mac OS X v10.5. For new audio development in Mac OS X, use Core Audio. See the Audio page in the ADC Reference Library.

Sound (deprecated)

Inside Macintosh: Sound described, for Classic Mac OS, the parts of the Macintosh system software that allowed you to manage sounds. For all new audio development, use Core Audio and QuickTime. To get started with audio development in Mac OS X, read Getting Started with Audio

Developers for Classic Mac OS used this book for information on how to

If you want to create sounds as part of QuickTime movies, you might also want to look at the book Inside Macintosh: QuickTime.

You can also read updated documentation on Sound Manager 3.3.

This legacy book is also available in PDF format.


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Preface - About This Book
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Sound on the Macintosh
Chapter 2 - Sound Manager
Chapter 3 - Sound Input Manager
Chapter 4 - Speech Manager
Chapter 5 - Sound Components
Chapter 6 - Audio Components

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