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Chapter 4 - Font Manager / Font Manager Reference

The Font Family ('FOND') Resource

A font family contains references to the fonts (which can be bitmapped font ['NFNT'], outline font ['sfnt'], or 'FONT' resources) that make up the family and information that describes the family as a whole, such as a global width table for each available style.

The font family ('FOND') resource contains general information about the font family, the font association table, and a collection of optional tables: the family glyph-width table, the style-mapping table, the kerning table, the offset table, and the bounding-box table. Several data structures and routines use the font family resource. For example, the global width table can use the font family information to find the recommended glyph widths and the LaserWriter printer driver can use tables that contain information about kerning pairs and mapping of styles to printer fonts.

The font family resource consists of a header component, which contains general information about the font family, and a font family tables component, which consists of the font association table and some number (possibly zero) of the optional tables that provide measurement and naming information about the font family. The header component of this resource is represented by the FamRec data type, the declaration of which is shown in the section "The Font Family Record" on page 4-42. The structure of this resource is shown in Figure 4-22.

Figure 4-22 The font family ('FOND') resource

The header component of the font family resource consists of a number of elements that describe characteristics of the family. Each of the elements in this component is represented by a field in the FamRec data type.

The font family tables component of the font family resource contains a number of tables. The font association table must be included in the resource, but the other tables are all optional. You can determine whether or not the glyph-width, kerning, or style-mapping tables are present by examining the offset value for each. Each offset value is a number of bytes from the beginning of the resource to the table; an offset of 0 means that the table is not present. For example, if the value of the ffWTabOff field is greater than 0, the glyph-width table is present in the resource data.

Additional tables, including the bounding-box table, can be added to the font family resource by a font designer. Whenever any table, including the glyph-width, kerning, and style-mapping tables, is included in the resource data, an offset table is included. The offset table contains a long integer offset value for each table that follows it.

The Font Style Code
The Font Association Table
The Offset Table
The Bounding-Box Table
The Family Glyph-Width Table
The Style-Mapping Table
The Font Family Kerning Table

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