Editing Build Settings

  • Open the Project Info or Target Info window.

  • Click Build.

  • Choose the build configuration.

  • Locate the build setting.

  • Set the value for the build setting.

  • ../Art/editing_build_settings_button.png

    You can customize aspects of your product’s build process by editing build settings.

    If you define a build setting in a Project Info window, the definition is set for the corresponding project, and it’s applied to all the targets that belong to that project. If you define a build setting in a Target Info window, the definition applies only to the corresponding target.

    To locate a build setting in the Build pane, you can use the Configuration and Show pop-up menus and the search field.

    The video shows how to define the Header Search Paths build setting for a project.

    After defining a build setting, the build setting appears bold in the build-setting list.

    To delete a build-setting definition, locate the build setting where it’s displayed in bold and choose Delete Definition at This Level from the Action menu.