data class Signature

The Signature class is an opaque data container that can be used to store recognition data. Signatures are a compact lossy representation of the original audio. The original audio cannot be recreated from a Signature, there exists only enough data to confirm that the signature matches a certain piece of audio when it is also converted into a Signature. It is similar in utility to a hashing function.

  • Signatures can be matched against any type of audio not just music. The only requirement for a match is that the reference and source Signatures both contain the exact same pre recorded audio e.g. a live rendition of a song will not match against a studio recorded performance of the same piece.

  • There are exceptions to the requirement for exactly matching audio, a signature is robust against slight changes in frequency and speed


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open operator override fun equals(other: Any?): Boolean
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open override fun hashCode(): Int


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val dataRepresentation: ByteArray
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val durationInMs: Long