Home Screen Icons

A home screen icon is required. You must provide icon resources for use on both iPhone and Apple Watch. Unlike your iOS app icon, watchOS app icons are circular and display no accompanying text.

Embrace simplicity. Find a single element that captures the essence of your app and express that element in a simple, unique shape. Add details cautiously. If an icon’s content or shape is overly complex, the details can be hard to discern, especially at smaller sizes. Take advantage of the icon’s circular shape as part of your design.

Maintain some similarity between your watchOS and iOS app icons. Using a similar appearance and color palette creates an association between the two icons. The two icons do not need to be identical, but they should be recognizable together.

Provide a single focus point. Design an icon with a single, centered point that immediately captures attention and clearly identifies your app.

Design icons as full-bleed square images using the given dimensions. Apple Watch automatically applies a circular mask. For the appropriate dimensions, see Icon Sizes.

Provide icons in PNG format. Make sure your icons are de-interlaced without transparency. The standard image bit depth is 24 bits. Create all icons at 2x resolution.

Do not use black for your icon’s background. Lighten a black background or add a border so that the icon doesn’t blend into the display background.

Avoid text in your icons. Text in icons is often too small to read and is rarely needed, so avoid it when you can. However, the use of a mnemonic—the first letter of your app’s name, for example—as a key design element in your icon can speed recognition of your app.

Icon Attributes

All icons should adhere to the following specifications.

Attribute Value
Format PNG
Color space sRGB
Layers Flattened with no transparency
Resolution @2x
Shape Square with no rounded corners

Icon Sizes

Your app should provide icons in the following sizes, all of which should be the same in appearance. Templates for creating icons are available on the Resources page.

Home Screen Icon

This icon appears on the Apple Watch home screen.

38mm 42mm
80px × 80px (40pt × 40pt @2x) 80px × 80px (40pt × 40pt @2x)

Notification Center Icon

This icon appears in Notification Center on Apple Watch.

38mm 42mm
48px × 48px (24pt × 24pt @2x) 55px × 55px (27.5pt × 27.5pt @2x)

Short-Look Icon

This icon appears in short look notifications.

38mm 42mm
172px × 172px (86pt × 86pt @2x) 196px × 196px (98pt × 98pt @2x)

Apple Watch App Icon

This icon appears in the Apple Watch app on iPhone.

38mm 42mm
58px × 58px (29pt × 29pt @2x) 87px × 87px (29pt × 29pt @3x)

App Store Icon

This icon appears in the App Store.

1024px × 1024px (1024pt × 1024pt @1x)