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What's New in WebObjects 4.5




   Compatibility with WebObjects 4.0

   Changes in WebObjects 4.5

      Platform and Language Support

      Deploying WebObjects Applications

      Profiling and Tuning Applications



      Tools Improvements

      Object Modeling Improvements

      Managing Stale Data

      Automatic Database Reconnection

      Direct to Web

      Java Client

      LDAP Adaptor

What's New in the WebObjects Framework

   Executive Summary

   Monitor Changes

   Web Server Adaptor Changes

   Configuring the Web Server Adaptor

      Accessing Configuration Information

         Changing the Web Server Adaptor Multicast Address

      Disabling or Protecting Administrator Access

         Apache with

         NSAPI Adaptors

         ISAPI Adaptor



   Licensing Changes

   Miscellaneous Changes

   Supplemental Documentation

      Direct-Connect Mode

      Rapid Turnaround Mode

         Rapid Turnaround and Direct-Connect Mode

         Testing With a Web Server

WebObjects Framework API Changes

   New Classes



         Messages with XML Content

         Changes to WORequest

         Changes to WOResponse


      XML Package

   New Methods

      Other WODisplayGroup Changes

   Deprecated API

   WOExtensions Changes

      WOExtensions Reference Documentation

      New Components

      Stateless Components

      Deprecated Elements

WebObjects Tools Changes

   Project Builder Changes

   WebObjects Builder Changes

      Main Window Changes

         Layout View Changes

         Preview View

         Source View

      Changes to the Binding Process

         Inspector Appearance


         Binding by Dragging

         Binding With the Element's Context Menu

         Binding Validation

         Adding and Deleting Bindings with the Inspector

         Binding Aids in the Inspector

         Binding Name Completion

      Working with Keys

      Changes to Keyboard Actions

      Working with Tables

         Creating Tables

         Making Selections

         Editing Tables

      Working with Fonts

      Path View Menu

      Context Menus

      API Editor

      Syntactic and Semantic Constraints

      How WebObjects Builder Handles Bindings Files

   Direct to Web Changes

      API and Components Exposed

      Modifying the Visual Style

      Modifying the D2W Menu

      Neutral Look

      Custom Components

      Named Configurations

      Tab Panel Page

      Better Support for Key Paths in the Web Assistant

      Web Assistant Support for EOProject Parser

      Confirmation Page

      Deployment Performance

      Converting Projects From Earlier Releases

   API Changes

What's New in Enterprise Objects Framework

   Schema Synchronization

      Related API Changes

   Event Logging

      WOEventSetup page

      WOEventDisplay page

      Event System User Defaults

      Event Logging Questions and Answers

      Custom Event Logging

      Related API Changes

   Object Sharing

      How It Works

         Shared Objects Are Read-Only

         Shared Objects Are Uniqued

      Setting Up Object Sharing

      Accessing Shared Objects

      Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Shared Objects

      Refreshing the Shared Editing Context

      Disabling Sharing During Development


      Multithreaded Access and Locking

      Related API Changes

   Subclassing EOGenericRecord

      Property Storage: Dictionary or Instance Variables

      Creating a Subclass

   Deferred Faulting

      Deferred Faulting and Inheritance

      Related API Changes

   Snapshot Reference Counting

      Related API Changes

   Snapshot Timestamping

      Related API Changes

   Handling Missing Faults

      Related API Changes

   Automatic Database Reconnection

      Related API Changes

   Setting Access Layer Delegates

      Related API Changes

   Key Value Coding Changes

      Key Bindings

      Enforcing Lowercase Key Names

      Related API Changes

   Recursive Reader and Writer Locks

      Related API Changes

   LDAP Adaptor Example

      LDAP Client Libraries

      Creating Models

         Logging In

         If Reverse Engineering Fails

      Adding Entries to the Server

      Performing Authentication

   Miscellaneous API Enhancements

   Deprecated API

What's New in Java Client

   Foundation Layer Changes

      Number Formatter

   New Foundation Layer Classes and Interfaces

      Control Layer Changes

      New Control Layer Classes and Interfaces

      New API

      Deleted API

      Server-Side Features Not in Java Client

   Distribution Layer Changes

      New Distribution Layer Classes and Interfaces

      Related API Changes

      Deleted API

   Interface Layer Changes

      Support for Table Cell Editing

      QuickTime Association

      URLAspect for Associations

      Package Reorganization and Changes

      New Interface Layer Classes and Interfaces

      Added Methods

      Deleted API

   Running Java Client Applications

      For Non-Mac OS X Server Users

   Direct To Java Client