What’s New in Xcode - Archive

Xcode is the complete developer toolset used to create apps for Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, and Mac. The Xcode development environment bundles the Instruments analysis tool, Simulator, and frameworks in the form of tvOS SDKs, watchOS SDKs, iOS SDKs, and OS X SDKs.

What’s New in Xcode documents the highlighted features of each Xcode release. This document archives What’s New in Xcode for releases prior to the current release. To access the latest revision for the current release, see What’s New in Xcode.

Archive Chapters

The chapters in this archive are organized by major Xcode release. Each chapter includes new feature information for all versions, ordered from first to last, for each major release.

Developer Resources

Apple Developer Programs provide additional support, documentation, and signing resources for testing and deployment on all Apple devices. Visit the Apple Developer website for information about Apple Developer Programs.

The Xcode homepage provides high-level information about the latest release of Xcode and quick access to download links for current and beta releases.

The Apple Developer Forums hosts discussions about Apple developer software, including prerelease products.

For the latest security information, visit http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1222.

Xcode Release Notes provides detailed information on the current release. You can also choose Xcode Release Notes from the Help menu in Xcode. For release notes distributed with prior releases, see Xcode Release Notes — Archive.