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Inside Macintosh: QuickDraw GX Environment and Utilities /
Chapter 4 - QuickDraw GX Debugging

About QuickDraw GX Debugging

QuickDraw GX provides both a debugging environment and a non-debugging environment. The non-debugging environment is present whenever you install the non-debugging version of QuickDraw GX. You install the non-debugging version after completely debugging your application. Users of your application will use the non-debugging version of QuickDraw GX.

You can develop applications that use QuickDraw GX graphics and typography functions using the QuickDraw GX debugging environment. The debugging environment consists of

Figure 4-1 shows the QuickDraw GX application development environment.

Figure 4-1 The QuickDraw GX debugging environment

As a direct result of the extensive error, warning, and notice checking the debugging environment performs, the debugging version of QuickDraw GX is significantly slower than that of the non-debugging environment. Invoking additional optional error checking using the validation functions further affects performance.

Debugging Version of QuickDraw GX
QuickDraw GX Errors, Warnings, and Notices
Application-Defined Error, Warning, and Notice Handlers
The Drawing Error Function
Validation Functions
MacsBug and GraphicsBug

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