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Inside Macintosh: QuickDraw GX Environment and Utilities /
Chapter 4 - QuickDraw GX Debugging / About QuickDraw GX Debugging

MacsBug and GraphicsBug

Both the debugging and non-debugging versions of QuickDraw GX support MacsBug and GraphicsBug. MacsBug is Apple Computer, Inc.'s, assembly-language debugger that was developed for Macintosh programmers. MacsBug is not very useful for debugging QuickDraw GX applications because GX data structures are private. For additional information about MacsBug, see MacsBug Reference and Debugging Guide.

GraphicsBug is Apple Computer Inc.'s symbolic debugger for QuickDraw GX applications. This utility assists in finding bugs by allowing you to display and check QuickDraw GX objects. GraphicsBug is modeled after MacsBug. In fact, many of the commands are similar.

The use of GraphicsBug to analyze a QuickDraw GX graphics client heap is described in the section "Debugging With GraphicsBug" beginning on page 4-23.

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