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Inside Macintosh: QuickDraw GX Environment and Utilities /
Chapter 5 - Collection Manager / Collection Manager Reference
Functions / Removing Items From a Collection


You use the PurgeCollectionTag function to remove from a collection all items with a specific collection tag.

void PurgeCollectionTag(Collection target,
                        CollectionTag tag);
A reference to the collection object containing the items you want to remove.
The collection tag associated with the items to remove.
The PurgeCollectionTag function removes from the target collection all items whose collection tag matches the value of the tag parameter. This function removes locked and unlocked items.

For information about collection items, see "Collection Items" beginning on page 5-8.

For examples using this function, see "Removing Items From a Collection" beginning on page 5-30.

To remove all of the items in a collection whose attributes match a specified pattern, use the PurgeCollection function, described in the previous section.

To remove every item in a collection, use the EmptyCollection function, described in the next section.

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