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Inside Macintosh: QuickDraw GX Environment and Utilities /
Chapter 5 - Collection Manager / Collection Manager Reference
Functions / Working With Macintosh Memory Manager Handles


You use the ReplaceIndexedCollectionItemHdl function to replace the variable-length data of an item in a collection given the item's collection index, specifying the item's new variable-length data using a handle rather than a pointer and a data size.

OSErr ReplaceIndexedCollectionItemHdl(Collection target, 
                                      long index,
                                      Handle itemData);
A reference to the collection containing the item you want to replace.
The collection index associated with the item you want to replace.
A Macintosh Memory Manager handle to the new variable-length data.
The ReplaceIndexedCollectionItemHdl function replaces the variable-length data of an item in the target collection. You specify which item to replace using the index parameter. If the target collection does not contain an item whose collection index matches the value of the index parameter, this function returns a collectionIndexRangeErr result code.

If the target collection does contain an item with the specified index, this function replaces the data in that item with new data (if the existing item is not locked--if it is, this function returns a collectionItemLockedErr result code). The resulting item contains

This function copies the information referenced by the itemData parameter into the collection item; after calling this function, you may alter this information or free the memory referenced by this parameter without affecting the collection.

memFullErr-108Can't allocate memory.
collectionItemLockedErr-5750Can't replace locked item.
collectionIndexRangeErr-5752Index is out of range.
For information about collection items, see "Collection Items" beginning on page 5-8.

To replace a collection item using a pointer (rather than a handle) to the item's variable-length data, use the ReplaceIndexedCollectionItem function, described on page 5-63.

To replace a collection item using the item's collection tag and collection ID (rather than the item's collection index), use the AddCollectionItemHdl function, described in the previous section.

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