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Inside Macintosh: QuickDraw GX Environment and Utilities /
Chapter 5 - Collection Manager / Collection Manager Reference
Functions / Working With Macintosh Memory Manager Handles


You use the UnflattenCollectionFromHdl utility function to unflatten a collection that was flattened using the FlattenCollectionToHdl utility function.

OSErr UnflattenCollectionFromHdl(Collection target
                                 Handle flattened);
A reference to a collection object in which to store the unflattened information.
A handle to the data that was previously flattened.
This function unflattens the information referenced by the handle you provide in the flattened parameter and stores the unflattened collection in the collection object referenced by the target parameter. You must provide a reference to a valid collection object in the target parameter and a valid Macintosh Memory Manager handle in the flattened parameter.

memFullErr-108Can't allocate memory.
collectionVersionErr-5753Unrecognized version/data may be corrupt.
For examples of this function, see "Reading Collections From and Writing Collections to Disk" beginning on page 5-41.

For an example that shows one possible implementation of this function, see "Flattening and Unflattening a Collection" beginning on page 5-37.

To unflatten a collection directly from disk, use the UnflattenCollection function, described on page 5-90.

To flatten a collection to a block of memory referenced by a handle, use the FlattenCollectionToHdl function, described in the previous section.

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