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Inside Macintosh: QuickDraw GX Environment and Utilities /
Chapter 5 - Collection Manager / Collection Manager Reference

The Collection Resource

The Collection Manager provides the GetNewCollection function, described on page 5-99, to create a new collection object and initialize it using information stored in a collection ('cltn') resource. Listing 5-28 shows the structure of the collection resource in Rez format.

Listing 5-28 A Rez template for a 'cltn' resource

type 'cltn' {
   longint = $$CountOf(ItemArray);
   array ItemArray
      longint; /* tag */
      longint; /* id */
         boolean  itemUnlocked = false, /* defined attributes */
                  itemLocked = true;
         boolean  itemNonPersistent = false,
                  itemPersistent = true;
         unsigned bitstring[14] = 0; /* reserved attributes */
         unsigned bitstring[16] userBits; /* user attributes */
      align word;
The collection resource has two parts:

Each item in the array specifies

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