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Inside Macintosh: QuickDraw GX Environment and Utilities /
Chapter 7 - QuickDraw GX Stream Format / About Print Files and Portable Digital Documents

Portable Digital Documents

QuickDraw GX provides document portability that is independent of fonts, applications, and output devices. The users of your application can create and save their results in the form of a portable digital document or PDD.

A portable digital document consists of the print file containing flattened shapes described in the previous section. These files provide all of the information necessary to view and print the document, including the fonts that are used and other information necessary to render the text and graphics. A portable digital document can be sent to other Macintosh users and viewed or printed simply by opening the documents with a viewer that can interpret them.

For more information on print files and portable digital documents, see the chapters "Introduction to QuickDraw GX Printing" and "Core Printing Features" of Inside Macintosh: QuickDraw GX Printing.

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