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Inside Macintosh: QuickDraw GX Environment and Utilities /
Chapter 2 - QuickDraw GX Memory Management / QuickDraw GX Memory Management Reference
Functions / Creating and Disposing of a Graphics Client


You can use the GXDisposeGraphicsClient function to dispose of a specific graphics client.

void GXDisposeGraphicsClient(gxGraphicsClient client);
A reference to the graphics client to be disposed of.
The GXDisposeGraphicsClient function is the last QuickDraw GX call that an application being debugged should make. It disposes of all the data structures associated with the passed graphics client, including its heap. If the application does not make this call, QuickDraw GX automatically disposes of all graphics clients that belong to the exiting application. However, in this case the graphics clients are considered aborted instead of being disposed of normally, and therefore QuickDraw GX does not report any errors that occur during the process of disposing of these graphics clients.

If your GXNewGraphicsClient call failed to create a graphics client and returned nil, this function accepts nil as a valid graphics client and disposes of the referenced graphics client.

When your application is ready to ship, you should remove the terminating GXDisposeGraphicsClient function and rely on QuickDraw GX to automatically dispose of your graphics clients.

The role of the GXDisposeGraphicsClient function in disposing of a graphics client is described in the section "Disposing of a Graphics Client and Graphics Client Heap" beginning on page 2-9.

The GXNewGraphicsClient function is used to create a new graphics client from memory and is described on page 2-19.

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