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Inside Macintosh: QuickDraw GX Environment and Utilities /
Chapter 2 - QuickDraw GX Memory Management / QuickDraw GX Memory Management Reference
Functions / Allocating and Disposing of a Graphics Client Heap


You can use the GXEnterGraphics function to allocate memory for a QuickDraw GX graphics client heap.

void GXEnterGraphics(void);
The GXEnterGraphics function allocates memory for a graphics client heap and initializes the default data structures. QuickDraw GX obtains the memory starting location, memory length, and attributes for the new graphics client heap from the active graphics client.

Normally, you never need to call GXEnterGraphics. You should call this function only in the specific instance that you want to isolate the QuickDraw GX call to a specific part of the application. You then usethe GXExitGraphics function to remove all memory used by QuickDraw GX and then use the GXEnterGraphics function to begin using QuickDraw GX memory again.

The use of the GXEnterGraphics function to allocate memory to a graphics client is described in the section "Creating a Graphics Client and Its Graphics Client Heap" beginning on page 2-5.

The GXExitGraphics function deallocates memory for the QuickDraw GX graphics client heap and removes the default data structures. This function is described in the next section.

QuickDraw GX functions that do not require a graphics client or a graphics client heap are described in the section "Functions That Do Not Require a Graphics Client or Heap" beginning on page 2-14.

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