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Inside Macintosh: More Macintosh Toolbox /
Chapter 6 - Component Manager / Component Manager Reference
Routines for Applications / Opening and Closing Components


The CloseComponent function terminates your application's access to the services provided by a component. Your application specifies the connection to be closed with the component instance returned by the OpenComponent or OpenDefaultComponent function.

FUNCTION CloseComponent 
            (aComponentInstance: ComponentInstance): OSErr;
A component instance that specifies the connection to close. Your application obtains the component instance from the OpenComponent function or the OpenDefaultComponent function.
The CloseComponent function closes only a single connection. If your application has several connections to a single component, you must call the CloseComponent function once for each connection.

noErr0No error
invalidComponentID-3000No component with this component identifier
For a description of the OpenDefaultComponent and OpenComponent functions, see page 6-42 and page 6-44, respectively.

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