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Inside Macintosh: Imaging With QuickDraw /
Chapter 3 - QuickDraw Drawing / QuickDraw Drawing Reference
Routines / Creating and Managing Regions


To change the structure of an existing region to that of a rectangle, you can use the RectRgn procedure.

PROCEDURE RectRgn (rgn:\xDDRgnHandle; r:\xDDRect);
A handle to the region to restructure as a rectangle.
The rectangle structure to use.
The RectRgn procedure destroys the previous structure of the SetRectRgn procedure, and it then sets the new structure to a rectangle that you specify in the r parameter.

As an alternative to the RectRgn procedure, you can use the SetRectRgn procedure, which accepts as parameters four coordinates instead of a rectangle.

The RectRgn procedure may move or purge memory blocks in the application heap. Your application should not call this procedure at interrupt time.

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