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Chapter 8 - Cursor Utilities

This chapter describes the utilities that your application uses to draw and manipulate the cursor on the screen. You should read this chapter to find out how to implement cursors in your application. For example, you should change the arrow cursor to an I-beam cursor when it's over text and to an animated cursor when a medium-length process is under way.

Cursors are defined in resources; the routines in this chapter automatically call the Resource Manager as necessary. For more information about resources, see the chapter "Resource Manager" in Inside Macintosh: More Macintosh Toolbox. Color cursors are defined in resources as well, though they use Color QuickDraw. For information about Color QuickDraw, see the chapter "Color QuickDraw" in this book.

This chapter describes how to

Chapter Contents
About the Cursor
Using the Cursor Utilities
Initializing the Cursor
Changing the Appearance of the Cursor
Creating an Animated Cursor
Cursor Utilities Reference
Data Structures
Initializing Cursors
Changing Black-and-White Cursors
Changing Color Cursors
Hiding and Showing Cursors
Displaying Animated Cursors
The Cursor Resource
The Color Cursor Resource
The Animated Cursor Resource
Summary of Cursor Utilities
Pascal Summary
Data Types
C Summary
Data Types
Assembly-Language Summary
Data Structures
Global Variables

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