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Inside Macintosh: Imaging With QuickDraw /
Chapter 8 - Cursor Utilities / Cursor Utilities Reference
Data Structures /


When passing a value to the Show_Cursor procedure (described on page 8-28), you can use the Cursors data type to represent the kind of cursor to show. The Cursors data type is defined as follows:

          TYPE Cursors =      {values to pass to Show_Cursor}
            (HIDDEN_CURSOR,   {the current cursor}
             I_BEAM_CURSOR,   {the I-beam cursor; to select text}
             CROSS_CURSOR,    {the crosshairs cursor; to draw }
                              { graphics}
             PLUS_CURSOR,     {the plus sign cursor; to select }
                              { cells}
             WATCH_CURSOR,    {the wristwatch cursor; to }
                              { indicate a short operation in }
                              { progress}
             ARROW_CURSOR);   {the standard cursor}

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