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Inside Macintosh: Imaging With QuickDraw /
Chapter 8 - Cursor Utilities / Cursor Utilities Reference
Routines / Changing Black-and-White Cursors


After using the GetCursor function to return a handle to a cursor as described in the preceding section, you can use the SetCursor procedure to make that cursor the current cursor.

PROCEDURE SetCursor (crsr: Cursor);
A Cursor record, as described on page 8-14.
The SetCursor procedure displays the cursor you specify in the crsr parameter. If the cursor is hidden, it remains hidden and attain its new appearance only when it's uncovered. If the cursor is already visible, it changes to the new appearance immediately.

You need to use the InitCursor procedure (described on page 8-20) to initialize the standard arrow cursor and make it visible on the screen before you can call SetCursor to change the cursor's appearance.

To display a color cursor, you must use the SetCCursor procedure, which is described on page 8-24.

Listing 8-2 on page 8-9 illustrates how to use the GetCursor and SetCursor routines to change the cursor's shape.

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