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Inside Macintosh: Imaging With QuickDraw /
Chapter 9 - Printing Manager / Printing Manager Reference

Data Structures

This section shows the Pascal data structures defined by the Printing Manager.

You must create or ensure a valid TPrint record for every document before you can print it. This record specifies printer characteristics and the characteristics of a particular print job.

Contained in every TPrint record is a TPrInfo record, which specifies the vertical and horizontal resolutions, of the current printer and describes the page rectangle. A TPrJob record, which contains information about a particular print job--such as the range of pages to print, the number of copies, and a pointer to an idle procedure--is also contained in a TPrint record. A TPrStl record, which is also contained in a TPrint record, contains the device number of the current printer and the feed type to be used when printing the document.

The PrPicFile procedure returns printing status information in a record of data type TPrStatus. (You call the PrPicFile procedure for a printer using deferred printing.)

The TPrDlg record contains information necessary when altering the default style or job dialog box.

The TPrPort record describes a printing graphics port--the environment into which your application draws in order to print.

You use the TGnlData, TGetRslBlk, TSetRslBlk, TDftBitsBlk, and TGetRotnBlk records in conjunction with the PrGeneral procedure.

In almost all cases, printer drivers use the reserved fields in these data structures for device-dependent information. You should not rely on the availability or accuracy of this information when printing from your application.

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