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Inside Macintosh: Imaging With QuickDraw /

Chapter 9 - Printing Manager

This chapter describes how your application can use the Printing Manager to perform QuickDraw-based printing on a printer connected to a Macintosh computer. The Printing Manager works with the printer driver for the currently selected printer so that your application can draw an image on a printer just as it draws an image on a screen. This allows your application to use the same QuickDraw routines for printing as for screen display.

You should read this chapter if your application allows the user to print. If you want to print with features--such as rotated text and hairlines--that are not supported by QuickDraw, you should read Appendix B, "Using Picture Comments for Printing."

Before reading this chapter, you should be familiar with QuickDraw's drawing routines and the GrafPort and CGrafPort data types, as described in the chapters "Basic QuickDraw," "QuickDraw Drawing," and "Color QuickDraw" in this book. You may also need to refer to Inside Macintosh: Text for information about printing text from non-Roman script systems.

Chapter Contents
About the Printing Manager
The Printing Graphics Port
Getting Printing Preferences From the User
QuickDraw and PostScript Printer Drivers
Page and Paper Rectangles
Printer Resolution
The TPrint Record and the Printing Loop
Print Status Dialog Boxes
Using the Printing Manager
Creating and Using a TPrint Record
Printing a Document
Printing From the Finder
Providing Names of Documents Being Printed
Printing Hints
Getting and Setting Printer Information
Determining and Setting the Resolution of the Current Printer
Determining Page Orientation
Enhancing Draft-Quality Printing
Altering the Style or Job Dialog Box
Writing an Idle Procedure
Handling Printing Errors
Printing Manager Reference
Data Structures
Printing Manager Routines
Opening and Closing the Printing Manager
Initializing and Validating TPrint Records
Displaying and Customizing the Print Dialog Boxes
Printing a Document
Optimizing Printing
Handling Printing Errors
Low-Level Routines
Application-Defined Routines
Summary of the Printing Manager
Pascal Summary
Data Types
Printing Manager Routines
Application-Defined Routines
C Summary
Data Types
Printing Manager Functions
Application-Defined Functions
Assembly-Language Summary
Data Structures
Trap Macros
Global Variable
Result Codes

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