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Inside Macintosh: Imaging With QuickDraw /
Chapter 9 - Printing Manager / Printing Manager Reference
Printing Manager Routines / Displaying and Customizing the Print Dialog Boxes


You can use the PrJobMerge procedure to apply the same information previously specified by the user through the job dialog box to several TPrint records. This is useful when the user prints from the Finder. The PrJobMerge procedure allows you to solicit information from the user just once and then use this information to print several documents.

PROCEDURE PrJobMerge (hPrintSrc: THPrint; hPrintDst: THPrint); 
A handle to a TPrint record (described on page 9-41) as previously returned by the PrJobDialog function (described on page 9-59).
A handle to a TPrint record for another document.
The PrJobMerge procedure first calls the PrValidate function (described on page 9-57) for both TPrint records referenced by the hPrintSrc and hPrintDst parameters. It then copies all of the information previously set as a result of a job dialog box from the TPrint record in the hPrintSrc parameter to the TPrint record in the hPrintDst parameter while preserving the values set by the style dialog box for that TPrint record (for instance, landscape orientation). Finally, the PrJobMerge procedure makes sure that all the fields of the TPrint record named by the hPrintDst parameter are internally self-consistent. You must call PrJobMerge for each document the user wants to print.

The trap macro and routine selector for the PrJobMerge procedure are
Trap macroSelector

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