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Inside Macintosh: Imaging With QuickDraw /
Chapter 9 - Printing Manager / Printing Manager Reference
Printing Manager Routines / Printing a Document


Use the PrCloseDoc procedure to close a printing graphics port previously opened with the PrOpenDoc procedure.

PROCEDURE PrCloseDoc (pPrPort: TPPrPort);
A pointer to a printing graphics port. (The TPrPort record that defines a printing graphics port is described on page 9-48.)
The PrCloseDoc procedure closes the current printing graphics port. You typically use PrCloseDoc after sending the last page of a document to the printer with the PrClosePage procedure (described on page 9-67).

When you use PrCloseDoc to close a printing graphics port, printer drivers respond in a manner appropriate for the printers they control. Many drivers, including the LaserWriter driver, start a print job after your application calls PrCloseDoc.

The trap macro and routine selector for the PrCloseDoc procedure are
Trap macroSelector

For deferred printing on an ImageWriter printer, call the PrError function (described on page 9-72) to find out whether spooling succeeded before using PrCloseDoc. If spooling succeeded, call the PrPicFile procedure (described on page 9-68).

For an example of the use of PrCloseDoc, see Listing 9-2 beginning on page 9-18.

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