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Add an Experiment callout to a playground or to the Quick Help for a symbol using the Experiment delimiter. Multiple Experiment callouts appear in the description section in the same order as they do in the markup.

Provide a link to another playground page for complex experiments using the Named Page delimiter.

Works with:

  • ✓ Playgrounds

  • ✓ Symbol documentation


  • * | + | - Experiment: description
  • optional continuation of description

The description displayed in Quick Help for the experiment callout is created as described in Parameters Section.

Playground Example

The example below shows a simple step by step experiment.

  1. /*:
  2.  * Experiment:
  3.  Find out if you are tasting your food or smelling it.
  4.     1. Get a few different foods you like.
  5.     2. Cut them up so they are all about the same size.
  6.     3. Put them in a dish and mix them up.
  7.     4. Close your eyes (no peeking!)
  8.     5. Hold you nose and eat several pieces of food.
  9.     Could you tell which food was which?
  10. */
image: Art/MFR_experiment_2x.png

Quick Help Example

The markup below adds three experiments to Quick Help as shown in the screenshot.

  1. /**
  2.  An example of using the experiment field
  3.  - Experiment: Pass in a string in the present tense
  4.  - Experiment: Pass in a string with no vowels
  5.  - Experiment:
  6.  Change the third case statement to work only with consonants
  7. */
image: ../Art/MFR_symbol_field_experiment_2x.png