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Include inline images from your playground project.

Works with:

  • ✓ Playgrounds

  • ✓ Symbol documentation

Swift Playgrounds can only load image resources that are included in the Playground package; remote image URLs aren’t rendered. For information on adding images and other resource files to your playground, see Add resources to a playground in Xcode Help.


  • ![alternate text](URL "hover title")
  • Alternate text is displayed if the image is not loaded. Also used for accessibility.

  • URL is the address of the image to display.

  • Hover title (optional) is the text displayed when the pointer is hovering over the image. Also used for accessibility.

Playground Image Example

A link to a playground resource with no hover text.

  1. //: ![The real head of the household?](cat.png)
image: ../Art/MFR_image_resource_eg_2x.png

Quick Help Example

  1. /**
  2.  An example of using *images* to display a web image
  3.  ![Xcode icon]( "Some hover text")
  4. */
image: ../Art/MFR_symbol_images_2x.png