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Add a link to a text-based resource such as a web URL or email.

Works with:

  • ✓ Playgrounds

  • ✓ Symbol documentation


  • [text to display](URL)
  • Text to display is the text to display in the comment. It is also used for accessiblity.

  • URL is the address to open when the link in the comment is clicked.

Playground Example

  1. /*:
  2.  For more information, see [The Swift Programming Language.](
  3. */
image: ../Art/MFR_link_eg_2x.png

Quick Help Example

  1. /**
  2.  An example of using the seealso field
  3.  - seealso:
  4.  [The Swift Standard Library Reference](
  5. */
image: ../Art/MFR_symbol_field_seealso_2x.png

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