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Inside Macintosh: Imaging With QuickDraw /
Chapter 4 - Color QuickDraw / Color QuickDraw Reference

Color QuickDraw Routines

This section describes Color QuickDraw's routines for creating and closing color graphics ports, managing a color graphics pen, changing the background pixel pattern, drawing with Color QuickDraw colors, determining current colors and best intermediate colors, calculating color fills, creating and disposing of pixel maps, creating and disposing of pixel patterns, creating and disposing of color tables, customizing Color QuickDraw operations, and reporting to QuickDraw that your application has directly changed those data structures that applications generally shouldn't manipulate.

To initialize Color QuickDraw, use the InitGraf procedure, described in the chapter "Basic QuickDraw." Besides initializing basic QuickDraw, this procedure initializes Color QuickDraw on computers that support it.

In addition to InitGraf, all other basic QuickDraw routines work with Color QuickDraw. For example, you can use the GetPort procedure to save the current color graphics port, and you can use the CopyBits procedure to copy an image between two different color graphics ports. See the chapters "Basic QuickDraw" and "QuickDraw Drawing" for descriptions of additional routines that you can use with Color QuickDraw.

Opening and Closing Color Graphics Ports
Managing a Color Graphics Pen
Changing the Background Pixel Pattern
Drawing With Color QuickDraw Colors
Determining Current Colors and Best Intermediate Colors
Calculating Color Fills
Creating, Setting, and Disposing of Pixel Maps
Creating and Disposing of Pixel Patterns
Creating and Disposing of Color Tables
Retrieving Color QuickDraw Result Codes
Customizing Color QuickDraw Operations
Reporting Data Structure Changes to QuickDraw

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