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Inside Macintosh: Imaging With QuickDraw /
Chapter 4 - Color QuickDraw

Color QuickDraw Reference

This section describes the data structures, routines, and resources that are specific to Color QuickDraw.

"Data Structures" shows the Pascal data structures for the PixMap, CGrafPort, RGBColor, ColorSpec, ColorTable, MatchRec, PixPat, CQDProcs, and GrafVars records.

"Color QuickDraw Routines" describes routines for creating and closing color graphics ports, managing a color graphics pen, changing the background pixel pattern, drawing with Color QuickDraw colors, determining current colors and best intermediate colors, calculating color fills, creating and disposing of pixel maps, creating and disposing of pixel patterns, creating and disposing of color tables, customizing Color QuickDraw operations, and reporting changes to QuickDraw data structures that applications typically shouldn't make. "Application-Defined Routine" describes how to write your own color search function for customizing the SeedCFill and CalcCMask procedures.

"Resources" describes the pixel pattern resource, the color table resource, and the color icon resource.

Data Structures
Color QuickDraw Routines
Application-Defined Routine

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